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Our expertise

Create Your Custom-made World

Take control of your image and drive your company's Web strategy. Optimize the marketing performance of your activities and user experience on all of your channels.

Portal and Multisite Platform

Simplify your organization’s internal processes, build lasting relationships with your customers and deploy multiple instances of sites ... It cannot get any simpler! Use our Web experts to create scalable, reliable and highly customizable solutions.

Custom Application

Accelerate your business and equip your company with fast, secure and flexible applications. We guide you throughout your project to create unique digital experiences through mobile devices and connected objects.

Mobile Development and API

Provide your customers and collaborators with a combination of creativity, reliability and functionality. Our strong expertise combined with the best open source platforms in the industry are the perfect levers of a successful digital strategy.

User Experience & Interactive Design

Enhance the user experience of your customers with adaptive web design. Solicited from all sides, your customers are looking for a unique experience. Offer them a smooth design in all formats, intuitive navigation and effective ergonomics, respecting standards of standards and accessibility.

Our platforms

Our languages and libraries

Choosing free software means striking the right balance between performance, flexibility and independance.


Leverage the Agile Approach and the Latest Free and Proven Technologies.

Being a hub for the most creative developers, conceptors, designers and programmers, Savoir-faire Linux propels your image and your company's Web strategy, based on agility, a flexible and efficient approach as well as the most powerful Open Source tools of the IT industry.

Transverse and certified know-how

Savoir-faire Linux accompanies you at every step of your project.

Our multidisciplinary team offers services covering all the technical aspects of a project. From initial project design to multi-channel deployment.

Your satisfaction is at the heart of our approach.

Savoir-faire Linux is based on an ISO 9001 quality management system to meet technological evolutions, corporate diversification and globalization. Each project complies with quality standards, proposed and validated at the launch of each project.

Les autres services

  • Integration platforms and Artificial Intelligence
  • Enterprise Solutions and Ressource Planning
  • Infrastructures, Cloud Computing and Systems Architecture
  • Connected Devices and Product Engineering
  • Knowledge Economy and Training