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Development of a powerful award-winning online membership platform – HuGo – for life insurance products of Humania Assurance, a reputable insurance company in Canada.

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Savoir-faire Linux was given the mandate to collaborate in the development of HuGO, an online platform that exists to significantly improve the time it takes to complete a life insurance application process. This allows Humania and its partners to promptly present a quote for services to their applicants.

Humania Insurance focuses on technological innovation, quality benefits and competitive rates to respond to the evolving needs of Canadians. The company has already collaborated with Savoir-faire Linux in two other projects : the creation of an Extranet Portal and Children360.


Liferay’s 6.2 solution was chosen for the creation of the online platform that allows representatives to :

  • Identify the applicant and his insurance request;
  • Calculate the insurance premium;
  • Determine the risk profile of the applicant;
  • Perform the necessary regulatory validations;
  • Register the information related to the payment;
  • Submit the application online.

The Liferay portal was also integrated with Wootric (Net Promoter Score management platform), a tool allowing representatives to evaluate the platform online.

Improvements related to the platform are delivered every week. The Agile methodology followed in this project offers Humania Insurance the ability to enrich its online platform and react promptly to its demand while anticipating future needs.



Savoir-faire Linux participated in the design and implementation of an innovative project, allowing to revolutionize the life insurance application and approval process. Humania has become a forerunner in North America with one of the most performing sales and follow up applications in the industry.

The HuGO platform is one of the most advanced in Canada in terms of automation in risk selection. It allows the financial security consultants to offer up to $1M in temporary life insurance at a competitive rate in less than 30 minutes.

In addition to the almost instantaneous application process, HuGO offers great flexibility to its clients. As their needs evolve, they can renew their contract, extend it or transform it.

The application was implemented a year after its launch. Since October 2016, applicants have been benefiting from significant improvements which reduce the processing time required to review their insurance applications.