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Putting in place a modern Document Management System for Bell Helicopter – a leader in commercial and military helicopter manufacturing.

  • Year
  • Business sector
    Aerospace & Aeronautics
Services provided
  • Technical Support
  • End-User Training
  • End-User Documentation
  • Change management
  • Admnistrator Documentation


  • 400000
    Migrated documents
  • 4
    Websites with 3 technology
  • 19000
    Documents send in Alfresco
  • 1
    Partner, Ephesoft


In 2012, Bell Helicopter contacted Savoir-faire Linux and expressed a desire to replace its current document management application. The company had previously worked with Savoir-faire Linux’s Java team in a previous project.

Bell Helicopter was looking for a document management application for their human resources and medical departments. This was an opportunity for twenty users to go digital. This application had to not only meet the functional requirements identified by Bell Helicopter, it also had to respect a fixed financial budget. This new system would respond to their permanent document archiving obligations, going from paper storage to a document vault.


Savoir-faire Linux conducted a business analysis and recommended Alfresco Community 4.0 and Ephesoft Enterprise SP2. This new document management system would:

  • manage the company’s documents using a new nomenclature, arborescence and filing structure
  • manage versioning and permissions
  • manage documents digizited with Ephesoft
  • import data in batches

Within this mandate, the members of Savoir-faire Linux’s project team accompanied Bell Helicopter by:

  • offering technical support
  • integrating Alfresco & Ephesoft
  • accompanying the users managing these changes
  • providing user-training workshops
  • preparing the documentation for the application’s users and admnistrators



Alfresco has increased the end-users productivity by reducing the time it takes to find documents. The enterprise migrated 400,000 documents to Alfresco during the intial impementation phase. Since 2012, 19,000 documents were stored to Aflresco.

This solution allowed the company to respond to legal obligations regarding document preservation. Four sites were implemented : medical, HR and two sites for scanning.

Bell Helicopter saw a significant reduction in their document storage document expenses. The company is looking to implement this system in other Textron subsidiaries as a result.

Savoir-faire Linux also developed a parternship with Ephesoft throughout the course of this project.