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A Player in the Free World

A Producer and Contributor of Free Software

As a committed and recognized actor of the free software movement promoting the right to freely access and use software, Savoir-faire Linux helps build a freer and more sustainable world. The company collaborates with the best engineers in the largest free software platforms to develop the technologies of tomorrow.

Productions & Contributions

Community Support and Commitment

The strength of Savoir-faire Linux is in its strong partnerships with the communities and actors of Free Software.

Serving the Common Good

A Socially Involved Actor

Savoir-faire Linux plays an essential role offering business solutions, while being socially committed to its community. In fact, Savoir-faire Linux stands out for its eco-friendly initiatives and its internal management principles based on free communities: cooperation, sharing, meritocracy and diversity.

A Gesture of Solidarity

  • Preferential tariffs for organizations of the social and solidarity economy
  • Innovative partnerships with free software communities and non-profit actors such as the project Sous-chef of Santropol Roulant
  • Involvement in associations such as APELL, VETIQ, APRIL & Odoo Community Association
  • Adopting a recruitment strategy fostering socio-cultural diversity and internal politics of integration and talent development


Developed by Savoir-faire Linux, Jami is a free and universal communication software, which respects the freedom and privacy of its users.