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Our expertise

Jumpstart Your Digital Transformation

Our teams offer a range of infrastructure services which will improve the agility of your digital transition. We put our expertise of Open Source technologies to work for you, to maximize the capabilities of your workforce and to convert your internal systems and networks into powerful tools for growth and innovation.

Architecture Development and Multi-cloud Infrastructure

Store and serve up more data. Demand more flexibility, security and agility from your infrastructure thanks to our hybrid solutions.

DevOps and Continuous Integration

Improve your productivity and agility, stay on the cutting edge of the latest technologies and enhance your systems management using our DevOps methodologies!

Middleware and Big Data

Capture, store, serve and visualize massive amounts of raw data in a secure way. Use this information to optimize your resources, orient your strategies and transform your business models.

PaaS and SaaS

Create the perfect combination to suit your needs. Eliminate surplus development time and deploy flexible and innovative solutions in only a matter of weeks.

Our languages and libraries

Our platforms

Choosing free software means combining performance, flexibility and independance.


Invest in the agile approach and the latest proven free softwares.

Comprised of the most creative developers, creators, designers and programmers of the industry, the Savoir-faire Linux team drives your image and your company's Web strategy, built on Agility, a flexibile and effective approach and the most powerful open-source tools in the market.

Transverse and certified know-how

Savoir-faire Linux is with you every step of the way.

Our multidisciplinary team offers services covering all the technical aspects of a project. From initial project design to multi-channel deployment.

Your satisfaction is at the heart of our approach.

Savoir-faire Linux is based on a quality management system to meet technological evolutions, corporate diversification and globalization. Each project complies with quality standards, proposed and validated at the launch of each project.

Les autres services

  • Connected Devices and Product Engineering
  • Cybersecurity For Product Engineering And Embedded Systems
  • Digital Innovation, Web and Mobility
  • Integration platforms and Artificial Intelligence
  • Knowledge Economy and Training