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Our expertise

Reinvent Your Driving Force

From ideation to marketing, rely on an expert engineering team and its high standards of quality, security and performance for your projects in software architecture, mobile and embedded systems, electronic components as well as connected objects.

Architecture and System Design

We design mobile and embedded systems, combining skills from electronics, computer science, industrial and automation engineering. Our experts can intervene at different levels: debugging, development (kernel, applications, mobile/Web), architecture evaluation and training.

Connected Devices and Applications

Develop dynamic, ergonomic and innovative Web and mobile applications. Savoir-faire Linux's team of experts accompanies you on multifaceted projects ranging from connected objects, to the manipulation and processing of data flows, to complementary mobile, Web, and native applications.

Software and Embedded Systems

Take on the challenges of performance, real-time and security, with the help of our expert team in innovation and specialized in high-tech sectors such as industrial systems, multimedia, telecommunications, aerospace, energy and consumer products.

Contribution to Open Source Projects

As a member of the Linux Foundation, we collaborate with many upstream projects to make sure critical features evolve sustainably. Examples:

  • Linux Kernel
  • FFmpeg
  • Buildroot
  • Uboot
  • Qt
  • Etc.

Our platforms

Our languages

A member of the Linux Foundation and allied with the Libre communities , the company has acquired over the years a strong credibility in the ecosystem and a high level of expertise around the Linux operating system.

Our expertise

Our teams offer you careful and demanding designs to ensure the operation of systems based on complex interactions and support at all levels and throughout the lifecycle of your product:

  • Product development, software engineering and quality assurance
  • Re-engineering and migration of products to newer technology platforms
  • Access to mobility
  • Activation of software and cloud solutions
  • Massive data management, virtualization and exploitation

Transverse and know-how

Savoir-faire Linux accompanies you at every step of your project.

Our multidisciplinary team offers services covering all the technical aspects of a project. From initial project design to multi-channel deployment.

Your satisfaction is at the heart of our approach.

Savoir-faire Linux is based on an ISO 9001 quality management system to meet technological evolutions, corporate diversification and globalization. Each project complies with quality standards, proposed and validated at the launch of each project.

Les autres services

  • Integration platforms and Artificial Intelligence
  • Enterprise Solutions and Ressource Planning
  • Digital Innovation, Web and Mobility
  • Infrastructures, Cloud Computing and Systems Architecture
  • Knowledge Economy and Training