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Linux System Administration

This is a fundamental training course that provides the Linux users with the proper knowledge and understanding on how to administer and manage the Linux platform; both for servers and workstations.

This course covers all the essential elements that an administrator needs to configure and administer Linux systems, hardware as well as software.


  • Installation of Linux and other software such as rpm, deb, yum, dnf, apt
  • Managing system resources
  • Management file systems and hard drives
  • Devices (usb, pci, scsi, etc.)
  • Start /stop (sys vinit and systemd)
  • Managing users and permissions
  • Shell, common administration tools and scripts
  • Linux kernel and modules


Linux Administrators and advanced users.

Special notes

SFL101 or having a relevant experience with Linux or Unix as well as the knowledge of scripting and command lines.


Passionate, knowledgeable, patient, respectful and friendly teacher.

Marc Ladouceur

Canada Science and Technology Museum Corporation