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Linux Fundamentals

This is a fundamental training on core concepts related to the Linux kernel. It extends beyond an introduction. It covers a full range of Linux functionalities. Therefore, it is a must-do course for anyone who works in a Linux environment.

Having finished this course, students will be able to work independently in a Linux environment, and will understand and master basic Unix/Linux concepts. This includes the use of online documentation (man), manipulating the file system tree and understanding the global system structure, managing access rights, using bash commands, using filters and read and write average complexity bash scripts.


  • Introduction
  • General system organization
  • File system: basic commands and permissions
  • BASH (Bourne Again Shell)
  • Processes
  • Using the vi text editor - Regular expressions
  • Redirections and filters
  • Introduction to shell scripts
  • Administration tools and remote access


Being a current or future Linux system user.

Special notes

Being an ordinary computer user.


I appreciated the training and found it to be a good starting point for someone like myself that had very experience with Linux. After the training, I was able to start using a Linux system comfortably.

Eddy Fraga