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Linux Shell and Bash Scripting

The Shell is the main tool for an efficient and professional system administrator. It enables him to automate recurrent tasks, to backup data and configuration or to collect information to diagnose a problem.

This practical course will enable you to discover the power of the Shell and to take the most out of it for your regular tasks.


  • Introduction to features of the 3 main Shells : Bash, tcsh and Korn Shell
  • Special and meta characters
  • Environment variables
  • Input - Ouput : redirections and pipelines
  • Principles of Shell programming
  • Pipes, parenthesis, quotes and braces
  • Variables, quoting, substitutions and math operations
  • Functions and parameters
  • Condition statements (ex : if /case/do/while)
  • Regular expressions
  • Sed command
  • Awk programming language
  • Grep command
  • Shell options and aliases


System administrators.

Special notes

Knowledge of programming concepts and experience with the command line interface.


I appreciated the training and found it to be a good starting point for someone like myself that had very experience with Linux. After the training, I was able to start using a Linux system comfortably.

Eddy Fraga