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PHP Development

This course, a sub-set of PHP102 (LAMP), provides an introduction to Linux, Apache and MySQL within the PHP development environment.

PHP, the dynamic Web page generator, is often associated with databases like MySQL, Postgres, or Oracle, and it is the reference for professional Web site developers. This course teaches how to create dynamic Web sites with PHP.


  • Dynamic Web page programming,
  • The difference between PHP and HTML,
  • PHP programming principle,
  • PHP variables,
  • Interaction with forms,
  • Form security,
  • File download,
  • Database connection and disconnection,
  • PHP configuration: PHP.ini,
  • Safe mode: use and advantages,
  • Error_reporting(),
  • Notions of Object Programming in PHP.


Webmasters and Web developers.


  • Linux and programming knowledge,
  • Basic HTML and SQL knowledge,
  • Knowledge of a programming language.