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Using Zephyr for IOT and Other Embedded Applications

Zephyr Project is an open source RTOS for highly connected, resource‑constrained devices. This training course will show you how to efficiently configure the Zephyr Project and easily produce an industrial grade firmware image. You will harness Zephyr’s powerful built-in features, including its security, power management, and connectivity. You will understand the close connection between the Linux ecosystem and Zephyr, and learn to leverage this symbiotic relationship. Through this program, you will learn how to quickly install and easily manage a Zephyr‑based embedded system. The course is practical, capturing both the theory and the practice of using Zephyr. The training is rounded out with a variety of exercises, ensuring that attendees retain their new knowledge, and can put it to good use. By the end of the session, attendees will have the necessary tools to make architectural design decisions, add additional services to Zephyr, and to customize it appropriately for their application.


  • Discussion of the Zephyr Project and alternatives
  • Understanding how Zephyr Project is structured
  • Building a Zephyr Project application for an embedded device
  • Understanding the Zephyr Project development workflow
  • Configuring typical interfaces (SPI, I2C, WiFi etc..)
  • Creating custom images for your particular board
  • Consequences of software licensing on the intellectual property of your application code


This course is suitable for developers and embedded engineers who must build efficient, secure applications on resource‑constrained devices, those who must immediately implement embedded applications using the Zephyr Project, or who wish to evaluate the Zephyr Project for future use. The course content can be adjusted to suit your needs. Contact us for further information.


  • Programming skills (‘C’ required, assembly language would be helpful)
  • Experience in a Linux environment, including the Linux shell, would be helpful


This course is offered by our experienced embedded systems consultants. They can advise and guide you on how to choose among different technologies. In addition, trainees can ask their context-specific questions, benefiting from our consultants’ hands-on experience gathered through working on many wide‑ranging local and international projects.

For a modified course specifically tailored for your needs, please contact us.