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Improving productivity with The Yocto Project extension for VS Code

With its comprehensive framework for tailoring custom embedded Linux distributions, The Yocto Project has become the leading Linux build system for industrial operating systems. Visual Studio Code (VS Code) being one of the most popular IDEs, we revamped The Yocto Project extension with the goal of providing a complete BitBake language and IDE build tool. Through a series of lectures and hands-on exercises, this training is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to effectively use The Yocto Project extension. You'll learn the basics as well as advanced features, including integration with external servers, creating reproducible environments, using Python and Bash in recipes, and mastering Devtool for workspace management and debugging.

Training Plan


  • Introduction
  • Syntax highlighting and documentation hover
  • Extension settings and commands
  • Recipe tree view and sources navigation
  • Sharing a downloads and shared state cache across the network
  • Using an external build server
  • Docker for reproducible build environments


  • Configuring a native setup for Poky
  • Using BitBake commands through the GUI
  • Leveraging sources navigation features
  • Running VS Code on a remote build server
  • Using docker and multiple build configurations


  • Extracting information through the recipe scan
  • Python and Bash embedded languages
  • Devtool overview
  • Cross-compilation devtool SDK


  • Advanced features with the recipe scan
  • Managing a devtool workspace
  • Using the devtool SDK to debug a target


This course is designed for embedded Linux developers using The Yocto Project to package embedded applications and support custom hardware.


  • Understanding of the Yocto Project
  • Knowledge on embedded Linux
  • Linux shell

This course is proposed by contributors of The Yocto Project and maintainers of its VS Code extension. They will provide you with the best practices and tips to improve your productivity with The Yocto Project extension. In addition, trainees can ask their context-specific questions and benefit from our consultants hands-on experience gathered through working on different local and international projects. For a tailor-made course, please contact us.