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Red Hat

A major partnership for your digital strategy

Savoir-faire Linux is the first and only one partner in Quebec to offer both Red Hat® training and certifications in a collective and individual way.

Working with Red Hat, the world leader in Open Source software solutions, Savoir-faire Linux is more than ever a major player in the digital strategies of Quebec companies.

We love Red Hat

Our partnership with Red Hat®

Red Hat is a Linux distributor publishing company operating internationally. Dedicated to Open Source software, it is one of the most important players in the Linux sphere.

Savoir-faire Linux is a Red Hat Advanced Business Partner since 2012, offering consulting, training and support services (24/7) on a wide range of Red Hat® technologies.

Handle your Red Hat® environnement

Would you like to learn more, master a task or develop skills on a particular technology? Check out our most popular Red Hat trainings!

New Red Hat® Exam center !

In a technology sector that is already fiercely battling to attract top talent and maintain a high level of competitiveness, Red Hat certifications are essential to the success of any IT project based on Open Source technologies. From now, train and certify your teams in Québec to successfully meet your digital transformation challenges.

We are very pleased that Savoir-faire Linux takes the lead and opens this one-of-a-kind self-examination kiosk in Quebec. And it is only natural that this be done within the company that concentrates the strongest expertise in free software in the province.

Eric Schaefer

Canada Development Manager at Red Hat®


To register for a Red Hat® Exam

  1. Choose your Red Hat exam! Fill out the form and submit the payment. You do not need to indicate the location or time of your exam at this stage.
  2. Monitor your email, a Red Hat email will be sent confirming your purchase and detailing the next steps. You will need to create your Red Hat account.
  3. Once you have created a Red Hat profile, you can plan your exam by choosing your date, time and location. Know-how Linux is a partner with a kiosk that allows you to pass the Red Hat certification exams individually.
  4. You will receive an e-mail confirming your planned examination and detailed instructions on what to do on the day of your exam.
  5. Introduce yourself to your review. Good luck!

The day of the examination

The candidate must present himself at Savoir-faire Linux in Montreal at least 30 minutes before the start of the examination. They must present at least one valid ID (passport, Canadian Permanent Resident Card, driver's license, etc.).

The exam will take place on a personal, secure and accredited Red Hat® test station. No book or laptop is allowed in the examination room. During the examination, a Red Hat Supervisor can view the session at any time and remotely via webcam installed in the certification room.

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