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Qt Development

Qt is a portable library that offers the necessary tools to develop interactive graphical application. This course presents the fundamental concepts. It provides an overview of the following topics: a) How to allocate messages with signals b) How to edit dialog boxes with Qt Designer and how to let Qt automatically manage layouts with the QLayouts c) Overview of the user interfacing classes provided by Qt such as input, output, and grouping controls d) Presentation of the steps to develop customized controls e) How to load database content to the Qt user interface and how to automate writing and transactions f) How to produce project files for a Windows, Unix or Mac development environment and launching the build g) How to extract user messages and merge translators' work to a project h) How to use locales and do a real time translation and i) How to avoid UTF-8 conversion problems with Qstrings


  • Qt fundamental concepts
  • Controls presentation
  • Link to database, and table related controls
  • Multi Platform project management with cmake
  • Internationalization with QLinguist and gettext()


Linux programmers.


Having the Knowledge of C language and knowing how to use GNU/Linux systems and its environment are highly recommended.

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