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PERL Programming

Perl programming language was developed by Larry Wall in 1987. Perl was extended and developed as a general scripting language for system, network and database administration. It also can be used to build client/server applications and dynamic CGI web sites. It is very efficient and portable.

By completion of this course, the student will be able to write Perl programs using scalars, tables, hashing tables and control structures. He/She will also be able to manipulate files, create sub-routines, packages and Perl modules that manipulate complex data structures.


  • Presentation
  • Scalars
  • Control Structures
  • Tables
  • Hash Tables
  • Regular Expressions and basic I/O
  • File management
  • Modules and sub-programs
  • Operations on files and directories
  • CGI Programming
  • Formats
  • References
  • Object Programming
  • DBI (DataBase Interface)


Linux administrators, web developers and programmers.

Special notes

Knowledge of a programming language. SFL101 recommended.