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Linux Network Administration

This is the third class of Savoir-faire Linux' course.

It gives the student the required knowledge to administer a network under Linux. The student will be able to configure a Linux server over a TCP/IP network, setup the different routing services, email, DNS, FTP, SAMBA, etc, and setup an NFS disk share between two servers.


  • The OSI model
  • TCP/IP protocol
  • Administer and configure TCP/IP under Linux
  • DNS server Configuration (Domain Name System)
  • Network services (xinetd)
  • Remote commands (ssh, rsh, etc)
  • FTP server Configuration
  • NFS server Configuration
  • LDAP server Configuration
  • Email server Configuration
  • Samba Configuration
  • DHCP Configuration


Being a current or future Linux system user.

Special notes

SFL201 or a Linux or Unix relevant experience, and be familiar with scripts and command lines.


I appreciated the training and found it to be a good starting point for someone like myself that had very experience with Linux. After the training, I was able to start using a Linux system comfortably.

Eddy Fraga