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Using Buildroot build system for industrial Linux applications

Buildroot is one of most efficient Linux build system for industrial purposes. This training course aims to develop the necessary skills you will need to manage with this tool. Through this training, you will learn about how to install and operate a Builroot based embedded system. It captures both theory and practice of using Buildroot to build a custom Linux system. The participants learn a mix of theory and its application and vice versa. Variety of exercises makes sure they understand the symbiotic link between the Linux system and the Buildroot build system. By the end of the program, the trainees have all the necessary toolkits and know-how in order to make the architectural design decisions, add additional services as well as make appropriate customization.


  • Understanding how the Buildroot project fits within the Linux ecosystem
  • Software licensing, consequences on the intellectual property of the application code
  • Building a Linux system using Builroot
  • Understanding the Buildroot development workflow
  • Integrating new packages
  • Creating custom images for your board


This course is suitable for developers that have to build custom Linux systems using Buildroot tools on their board. It can be adapted according to profiles and needs of trainees.


  • Programming skills
  • Linux shell
  • Knowledge off embedded Linux

This course is offered by our experienced embedded systems consultants. They will advise and guide you on how to choose among different technologies. In addition, trainees can ask their context-specific questions and benefit from our consultants hands-on experience gathered through working on different local and international projects.

For a special tailor-made course, please contact us.