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Developing for the Liferay Platform 1

This course builds the foundation needed to develop successful applications on the Liferay platform. You will learn the basics of portlet development and how to customize Liferay using hooks, plugins, layout templates, and themes.

This course also provides an introduction to the service architecture of Liferay and Service Builder. These are essential concepts for using the Liferay platform API. The Application Display Templates (ADT), a new feature added to Liferay 6.2, will also be discussed. They allow administrators to customize the display of applications.


At the end of this course, you should have an understanding of the functionalities provided by Liferay (version 6.2). This includes the following topics:

  • Creating portlets using the SDK plugins
  • Creating portlets based on the Java standard
  • Using Service Builder to build a robust service layer
  • Creating complex portlet applications including: a) User Inputs; b) Persistence; c) Notifications/returns of shares; and d) Internationalization
  • Interfacing your applications with the Liferay permissions system
  • Adding support for Application Display Templates in your applications
  • Customizing the portal using hooks
  • Learning about the creation and functioning of the Themes
  • Learning how to create and run layout templates
  • Modifying the portal in depth using Ext plugins
  • Gaining knowledge of best development practices
  • Using Liferay Developer Studio (commercial derivative of Liferay IDE)
  • Deploying projects on a Liferay instance


Developers and integrators

Special notes

  • Java Programming (DEV501)
  • Having experience with Java and Servlets development

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