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Java Programming

Nowadays, Java is a programming language impossible to avoid. For native applications or the Web, Java is often used for the development of critical applications.

The purpose of this course is to provide the student with the basics of Java programming. It will enable him to build its experiment and specialize towards embedded development (J2ME), portable applications (J2SE) or service oriented architectures (J2EE).


  • Introduction to Java
    • What is Java ?
    • Java history
    • Key advantages of Java
    • Structure of a Java program (syntax)
    • Compiling source code to bytecode
    • Example
    • First Java program
  • Introduction to Eclipse
    • What is Eclipse ?
    • IDE presentation
    • Introduction to Java project creation
    • First Java program with Eclipse
    • How to debug, analyze and work efficiently with Eclipse
  • Java basics
    • Java programs
    • Basic datatypes
    • Expressions and operators
    • Instructions
    • Methods
    • Introduction to classes and objects
    • Tables
    • Reference types
    • Packages and naming spaces in Java
    • Java files strcuture
  • Introduction to Object-Oriented programming
    • Class definition syntax
    • Attributes and methods
    • Objects creation and initialization
    • Objects destruction and termination
    • Subclasses and inheritance
    • Data masquerading and encapsulation
    • Abstract classes and methods
    • Important methods in java.lang.Object
    • Interfaces
    • Encapsulated types
    • Modifiers summary
    • Practical exercises
  • Java 5.0
    • Generic types
    • Enumerated types
    • Annotations
  • Advanced Java I
    • Overview of the Java platform
    • Text
    • Numbers
    • Date and time
    • Tables
    • « Wrapper » classes
    • Operations on string
    • Logic and conditional operators
    • Loops
    • Embedded loops
    • Collections
    • Files and directories
    • Input/Output and network connection with java.nio
    • Advanced Java II




Knowledge of a programming language.


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