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Introduction Apache Web server

This course aims at providing the necessary skills to install, configure and maintain a Web site with an Apache server. For instance, installing external modules which is not possible by the basic Apache distribution. Similarly, it helps the trainees learn how to install applications that are useful in a Web environment (search engine, log analyzer, performance test tools, and graphical administration tools). By completion of this course, students know how to:

  • Install and configure an Apache server
  • Set up HTTP authentications
  • Set up CGI Programs and write simple programs
  • Install and configure Apache with SSL


  • Web operations
  • HTTP protocol
  • Apache presentation
  • Apache installation
  • Apache configuration: base directives
  • Apache configuration: standard modules
  • Virtual hosting
  • Generating dynamic pages
  • Aliases and redirections
  • Monitoring and administration
  • Performance tuning
  • Secured Apache (mod_ssl)
  • Complementary tools


System and Network Administrators

Special notes

Having knowledge of Linux system administration.

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