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Our Expertise

Use Your Processes and Data to Accelerate Your Business Affairs

Automatic learning, big data analysis and our expertise in AI will enable you to identify and analyze the recurring models, trends, risks and opportunities directly related to your key activities. Deploy our ability to work with algorithms and perform data crunching so that you can focus on key decisions to improve your performance and optimize your business strategies.

Portal and Document Management

Simplify your internal organization and build lasting relationships with your customers and partners We deploy Liferay portals for all your business needs and Alfresco document platforms to facilitate archiving, sharing and retrieving information. Organize your resources and relationships to gain more efficiency, targeted collaboration and further transparency.

  • Secure and fast portal Intranet and Extranet
  • Client, business partner and application access
  • Document Management System (DMS/EDM)
  • Tailor-made and intuitive virtual collaboration space

System Integration (ESB, SOA, Middleware)

Integrate and coordinate all your applications and deploy a powerful tool to administer and monitor all your IT systems. Interconnect your resources, automate your exchanges and optimize the functioning of your organizationYou can do it all, only by relying on our solid expertise and recognized technical skills on a wide range of technologies.

Data & Databases Integration

Store, cross and analyze massive, real-time data from heterogeneous sources and platforms (on-premise systems, cloud computing, connected objects). Make informed decisions and turn your big data into a formidable marketing weapon. We are specialized in:

  • Data Integration
  • Distributed Data Flows
  • Computer science in memory

Machine Learning

Solve all your production and marketing problems by intelligently using the results of learning algorithms. We help you anticipate future trends, outcomes and behaviors, based on predictive analysis of empirical data.

  • Recognition of patterns in structured and unstructured data
  • Detecting an anomaly
  • Image processing / recognition
  • Recommendation systems
  • Natural language processing (NLP)

Our languages and libraries

Our platforms

Benefit from quality know-how in terms of technological orientations, integration, development and training based on open technologies.

Our Guarantee

We support you in the strategic planning of your needs and propose personalized and evolutionary solutions with high added value.

Our strength lies in our accumulated knowledge and technological intelligence built through our interactions with many software projects developed originally and rooted in free and open source software communities. Our relationships with these technological platforms allow us to provide you with the best specialists in the world on each of the available technologies.

Transverse and certified know-how

Savoir-faire Linux accompanies you at every step of your project.

Our multidisciplinary team offers services covering all the technical aspects of a project. From initial project design to multi-channel deployment.

Your satisfaction is at the heart of our approach.

Savoir-faire Linux is based on a quality management system to meet technological evolutions, corporate diversification and globalization. Each project complies with quality standards, proposed and validated at the launch of each project.

Les autres services

  • Connected Devices and Product Engineering
  • Enterprise Solutions and Resource Planning
  • Digital Innovation, Web and Mobility
  • Infrastructures, Cloud Computing and Systems Architecture
  • Knowledge Economy and Training